Client-attracting websites for teachers, coaches, & consultants

Kingmaker makes it easier for experts and educators—the real kingmakers—to earn a living online by building websites that help them attract (and keep!) their ideal clients.

You're working hard to help others.
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Without teachers, coaches, and consultants, society wouldn’t be where it is today. You’re responsible for empowering our next generation of workers, professionals, and businesses—as well as artists, performers, and craftworkers—but when the world started moving to digital and COVID was rapidly closing doors AND opportunities, you were suddenly on your own. 

“Get a website. Sell online!” they said, as if you haven’t heard that advice before.

In fact, you’ve probably already tried.

You’ve subscribed to those premium website builders, written your own blog posts, and experimented with social media. You might’ve even dabbled with paid ads—but for some reason, you still don’t have a stream of clients, your bank balance hasn’t improved, and it’s getting harder and harder to fight the idea that this whole “online” thing isn’t for you.

At the end of the day, you’re a teacher, a coach, a consultant—you’re fantastic at what you do—but you’re not a tech person, copywriter, salesman, or graphic designer. And it’s unfair to expect you to be all of those, just to compete on the internet with everyone else who’s trying to survive.

If you’re like us, you just want to do what you love:

To teach.

To train.

To take people to greater heights than they originally thought possible.

That’s where we’d like to come in. wants to make the web a little less scary and a lot more profitable for educators and experts like you (the amazing people who help us rise to the top) by building you a website that makes you do less work rather than more.

We’ll show you how your website can be your very own Digital Kingmaker—an essential business partner that builds up your brand, attracts clients you actually love working with, and filters out the bad matches that waste your time and resources—all while on autopilot, without getting tired, 24/7.

When you work with us, we are able to:

  • Study your business & marketing to see where your new website can help (it’s a synchronized effort)
  • Dig into your experiences to uncover hidden problems & pain points to address the root causes (not just the symptoms)
  • Concentrate on what matters so that your investment is optimized to deliver results (no unnecessary bells and whistles)
  • Build you a website that’s focused on converting clients (so you can focus on what you do best while the site does the selling)
  • Share industry best practices that high-performing experts and educators are following to attract and captivate clients and students online (so you don’t have to do any hard-selling, cold calls, or manipulative sales tactics)
  • Take care of site maintenance like upgrades, backups, and restores (so that you can feel free to nap while we fix any issues)
  • and more!

Building an asset like a Digital Kingmaker takes a lot of work, so we’re selective with who and how many clients we work with. That’s our secret to consistently delivering our best work with the highest enthusiasm and zero distractions.

If you feel like we’d be a good fit, drop us a line! We’d love to chat with you.