A National Competition

The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde wanted to help launch the next wave of social innovators by running the Benilde Prize—the Philippines’ first university-based social innovation competition.

Together we built a modern digital presence, an open online course, and facilitated the nationwide program whose winners are awarded the seed funding, mentoring, and partnerships needed to bring their social innovation ideas to life.

Early Childhood Education Consultants

Saroy Group empowers specialists in the field of early childhood education through training and development, as well as consulting, for strategy and solutions. Their work helps educators, leaders, and startups become better equipped for today’s challenges.

They got in touch seeking an online presence that would grow with them as their business evolved so we teamed up  to build a site that communicates the value they bring to clients through training and solutions on communication, inclusion, anti-racism, gender diversity, and more.

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A Local Kink Education Resource & Community

Shibari.ph is a curated directory of resources for Japanese rope bondage practitioners and enthusiasts in the Philippines. SPH sought solutions that can help with their goal of improving body-, sex-, and kink-positivity in the country.

Through Human-Centered Design, we designed their business plan, marketing strategy, instruction design, and their signature kink negotiation & performance style. We also developed an online platform to support their advocacy that curates reputable educational material to promote safety, consent, and best practices among rope bondage players in the Philippines and around the world. 

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A Talent Lending Bank

The Just League helps expedite the robust growth and sustainability of the 4th sector—the emerging hybrid business sector that aims to deliver on a triple bottomline of People, Planet and Profit.

We were honored by their invitation to jump on board and to build a digital home for their cause and team of Just League agents to articulate their message over the wide web.

A Professional Dominatrix

Empress Sakura is a trained Professional Dominatrix from Manila. With the advent of legislation in 2018 that made marketing more dangerous & difficult for BDSM professionals, she knew it was time for sophisticated channels that didn’t just connect her with clients—but kept her safe too.

Through our Human-Centered Design process, we crafted an appropriate online strategy that took into consideration her newfound constraints, unique marketing situation, and dominant personality so that her website can convey the same energy and personality sought by her discerning clientele.