Your Personal Digital Kingdom Awaits

Running a business is hard work. People are counting on you to constantly make hard decisions and juggle multiple responsibilities—like managing your teams and your inventory, to securing clients and handling cashflow. You rarely catch a break.

Should you really be spending hundreds of hours studying web design just to have an online presence?

Kingmaker is here to help.

We believe that websites and the Internet don’t have to be intimidating.

Instead of using techy jargon and hyping you up on an overpriced brochure, we want to team up with you to solve your actual pain points: from automating repetitive tasks and attracting your ideal clients, to nurturing relationships with your readers that lead to sales.

It’s our job to make the web a little less scary and a lot more profitable so that you can enjoy doing what you do best.

You deserve to work with partners who can bring you peace of mind, not just because they know their technology, but because they’ll put in the effort to deeply understand what you stand for and what your business is about.

If we don’t take time to properly grasp your context, goals, and needs—including the problems you’re facing—how can we be sure that the solution we’re offering can actually help you? 

So before we ever sit down to discuss web hosting providers or Google Analytics, we want to prioritize learning about you.

Tell us your story.

Research is the foundation of our design work. This makes sure that your money isn’t wasted on countless revisions because we’re just guessing what you might need.

We’ll download your expertise from your time with your company, extract the salient points, and condense them into a document that will serve as our guide while we collaborate.

Your project will start with us listening to the story of who you & your end-clients are, which problems you’re facing, where your business dreams of going, and when you want to get there.

We do the above by practicing a creative and empathic approach for problem solving called Human-Centered Design. 

Unlike most cases where people design for the sake of design, HCD’s mindsets & methods make you and your clients the priority of our design process. Not awards, fancy visuals, or how well it would look on our portfolio.

We won’t jeopardize the success of your new website because we cut corners, prioritized profit, or used shady software from disreputable sources.

Here at Kingmaker, we stand for inclusive growth. We want to help enterprises that want to positively impact society for the benefit of those who can’t.

Ultimately, you will be working with people whose values drive us to pursue a better world and we do so by treating your problems like they were our own. 

When you choose Kingmaker

This is what you can expect:

  1. We are going to study your business & marketing to see where your brand new website can help (it’s a synchronized effort)
  2. We will dig into your experiences to uncover the hidden problems or pain points to address the root causes (not just the symptoms)
  3. We will focus on what matters like your business’ context, needs, and goals to inform our decisions and avoid pointless embellishments (say no to trivial bells & whistles!)
  4. And more!

This kind of undertaking involves a serious amount of work so we’re selective with who and how many clients we work with. That way, we’re able to constantly deliver our best work with the highest enthusiasm and zero distractions.

Do you feel like we’d be a good fit? Then we invite you to get in touch!

Let's work together!

Let’s team up and build your digital kingdom today.
Features & Benefits
Kingmaker Websites...
  • Use Human-Centered Design to stay focused on your business needs & goals
  • Adapt gracefully on mobile devices through Responsive Design
  • Are intuitive enough for non-techy visitors to easily understand & navigate
  • Are search engine friendly so they're easier to find on Google
  • Are optimized to display well when shared on Facebook
  • Avoid outdated technology that are bad for SEO & mobile users (i.e. Adobe Flash)
A Perfect Match
Kingmaker is for you if...
  • You're passionate about helping your clients & aren't just focused on profit
  • You need a website that communicates with grace—not tacky animations
  • You think your old website needs a revamp so it can reflect the real & better YOU
  • You want a website that looks great AND helps with your marketing efforts
  • You want a partner who's committed to understanding how your business works
  • You want us to say no (and explain!) if you make a request may actually harm you